Dynamic learning through the air we breathe.

Parts.PM is an air quality monitoring IoT platform designed to help students connect and learn through a personalized relationship to the science and math involved with the air quality of their backyard.

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The Project

Empowered by Data

What started off as an idea to connect students with calculus has blossomed into a growing IoT platform for learning. Collective Idea, in cooperation, with Hope College and the Lakeshore Tech Makers have created a custom air quality monitor that connects wirelessly and reports five different air quality measures.

With this IoT connected air quality monitor and data platform, students are gaining experiences working with real-world data empowered tools. Through these lessons, students propose and test their hypotheses while developing an appreciation for the science and math required for the future of work in the real world.

When am I going to use this in real life? comments fade away into engagement, understanding, and application.

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